The aim of Canberra Gang Show is, through the Scouting Program, to:
• encourage the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development of young people
• learn and improve on theatrical skills such as singing, dancing, acting, production and technical applications
• develop and improve, for both adult and youth participants, skills of teamwork, leadership, responsibility, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem.
• attain the highest degree of excellence possible in the production and presentation of the Show.
• have fun and make new friends!

• The Scout and Guide Law is the Gang's guide to behaviour.
• All Gang Members must accept the Gang Show Code of Conduct and Adults are also agreeing to the Scouts ACT Branch Code of Conduct.

Agreeing to this form acknowledges Canberra Gang Show’s right to use your image and performances for publicity of the show including the recording of the production. Canberra Gang Show will use all reasonable means to protect the individual identity of all members of the Gang.

Canberra Gang Show acknowledges the right to reject any application at any time for either:
• Misconduct
• Non-Payment
Inclusive of immediate past and present.

CODE OF CONDUCT FOR ADULTS IN GANG SHOW If you are 18 years of age or above:
• You agree to the Code of Conduct for Adults in Gang Show
• You are reminded of their responsibilities under ACT Scouting policy 10.9 and 10.10 relating to the compulsory reporting of child protection issues.
• You have a current ACT Scouts Police Check or a Working With Vunerable Persons card or will obtain one before attending Canberra Gang Show.

Canberra Gang Show will retain your payment details to process membership fees, purchases and any other payments required to be given to Canberra Gang Show. This also includes account purchases via your G-Tag and any outstanding amounts owed. All accounts must be settled by the end of the month or late fees will apply. You may cancel this authority by emailing at any time.