Cast wait list FAQ
Posted on 15 February 2017 05:28 pm

Do I need to pay upfront to be on the cast wait list?
No. Payment will not be deducted from your nominated card unless you have accepted a cast position and you have picked the CAST WAIT LIST ONLY section.
If you have have also selected a different team to be part of your fee will be deducted according to the team you have selected. In the event you accept a cast position your card will be charged for the difference. ie you select the cast wait list and tech ($95) then you accept a cast position ($125) your card will initially be charged for $95 then the difference of $30 will be charged once you are placed in cast.

Can I later withdraw from the cast wait list?
Yes, you will be offered the position and if you don't want to take it you may decline.

If a position becomes available in cast who is selected?
The wait list is operated on the first registered on the wait list will be the first offered an available position

Why is cast full?
Our venue is size limited, therefore we only have enough room in the wings and changerooms which is why we can only have 75 cast members.

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